Tuesday, February 21, 2006

one more day till science fair

well, we've made it. barely.

today, everything was supposed to be finished. display boards - check. reports - check. hands-on models/experiments - check.

first thing when i get to school this morning, i get a call from timothy's mother. she tells me that she got some cardboard for timothy but left it out in the rain so it's wet. "but it'll dry." i say, "isn't there anything on it?" "no." then she tells me that she's sending the two bottles and food colouring for his tornado experiment with him today to do at school. i say, "these are things that were supposed to be finished at home! not at school! everything is supposed to be finished today." she says, "well when he tried it at home he got food colouring everywhere." (as if that is a logical reason for sending it to school to do) so now i have this little grade 3 kid who needs constant help in everything he does and his ENTIRE project has not been touched by his parents not mention the rest of my class to work with (since there was really only 1 student totally finished).

so minutes later i'm sitting in the office tryping up my gr.5/6/7 computer lesson for today and john (my principal) comes in and says, "are you doing badminton today? we don't have enough rackets for your class. should we order more or are you going to bother doing badminton at all?" and i say, "i don't know. am i supposed to badminton. i'm just doing it because you're doing it. i don't even CARE!" and burst into tears. it was just too much stress to start the morning with. john looks at me and says, "i better go outside on supervision." haha.

what a fantastic staff i have though -- bonnie (gr.6/7) took my recess supervision so i could have a break AND offered one of her students to come and work with timothy during science time. john ordered more rackets and came and proofread reports at science time. and my kids are finally finished.
this is timothy with our class tornado

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ang said...

your not the only one who cries when life is just too much. Yesterday at the race, I hung back with my slower friend all of the race till the last mile when I figured I should try by best. So I beat him by a minute. When I finished I turned around and there are hundreds of people crossing the finish line and I can't see him. I hang back while he hurries ahead to find me. Well like an hour and a half later we finally see eachother. He had been waiting in the car and had assumed that is where I would go. He was frustrated, so I cried. post cry pictures will soon be posted :)