Monday, February 13, 2006

cupcakes and rings

i got home tonight from work and called tim to say, "what will we have for dinner?". we decide on the tortellini stuff that tim's mom bought for us and then i get a phone call from jerry. (tim's dad) "hey, aren't you guys coming over here for dinner?" "" "don't you normally come over on mondays?" "uhh...yeah, i guess we've been there a few mondays in a row. are we invited?" "we made enough for you too!" so we went to the inlaws for dinner. i love it. we're expected. haha. then i took home leftovers for lunch tomorrow too. and wednesdays is a regular night there too with shaun and christine. last wednesday night we had tacos and we took home leftovers that we ate for three days. ok, so i'm not the most homemaking wife. i have the best of intentions though.

oh man! i went to wal-mart tonight to get candy and cake mix to make cupcake valentines for my kids tomorrow and it was seriously like christmas eve -- the line ups were way into the clothing section. CRAZINESS! so after standing in line for a minute, knowing that i was going to have to stop at save-on anyways to get something else i decided to leave without the candy and went to save on. SAME THING! i couldn't believe it. so i got my cupcake mix, icing and bulk candy (i love bulk) and stood in line. forever. but that's fine...i wasn't annoyed -- it was my fault for not getting these things before 8:30pm the night before, right? then i get home and realize...i have no eggs! AUGH!!! now i'm annoyed. three eggs is just a little much to borrow from the tenants - i'm only a one egg borrower. so i went back over to the inlaws and got some eggs. the cupcakes are made and beautiful. i have exactly 24. 22 students, me (obviously) and one for tim. perfect.

last valentines day tim took off his wedding band to put spice on the steaks that he'd bought to make me. the ring was never to be seen again. after that he decided he just wanted something cheap. so a year later...we FINALLY went and ordered him another titanium ring (but this one is shiny, not matte). i'm very happy that he'll finally be a married man again.

my plan for valentines gift? i'm going to get home early tomorrow from work and clean up the house. tim's been talking about "tidying up" for weeks now. it's really the best gift i could get him. haha. no, seriously -- that's what i'm getting him.

well you can tell i haven't blogged in a long time -- lots to say. so happy valentines day!

this is tim and i valentines day two years ago.

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