Sunday, February 04, 2007

airmiles obsessed

so i've become an airmiles collector through signing up for one of these westjet mastercards. if you're a gold member card, you can fly anywhere in north america for 1600 points. without the gold card, these flights can cost up to 5600 - 6400 points.

now tim and i want to go to the maritimes this summer and do the east coast trail plus see the other provinces too. so my great idea was to rack up airmiles to fly there since tickets to fly east are outrageous. so now the countdown is on and we have approximately 5 months to get as many airmiles as possible.

so safeway seems to be the best place to do this. this past week in the flyer there were tons of coupons for "buy 3 of these and get 25 airmiles" and "buy 8 frozen things and get 50 airmiles" etc etc. so i went there and scoured the aisles for the points. how many items do i need to get 50 points? it was a little crazy - i was there forever trying not to buy things that i didn't need but also trying to tell myself that "you'd be buying that anyways...oneday...". i bought 4 ragu spaghetti sauces, 5 boxes of popcorn, 8 lean cuisine meals, 2 frozen pizzas, among a list of other things. okay...maybe not the best way to get points BUT if only i could shop FOR someone else who needs to buy more than i do and use my airmiles card for them. it would be perfect.

Buy your groceries through Rebecca! She'll give you the list of participating airmiles products for the week and you give her a list of what you want! Read MORE!

so here's this week's list -- if you need it, let me know and i'll buy it then you can pay me back. (haha...i know none of you will do this but i thought i should put it out there JUST IN CASE you are willing) seriously. i'll make a trip to your house to deliver it. delivered groceries? what a deal!

General Mills cereal - $5.49
Tropicana Orange juice - $4.49
Nicorette - 20% off (i don't know the price)
Advil Pain or Cold and Sinus - 20% off
6 Pack of Royale Facial Tissue - $9.99
Redenbacher Popcorn 10 pack - $7.49
Kraft dinner 12 pack - $6.99
Post cereals 2 for $7
Kraft peanut butter - $3.99
Nabob coffee - $3.49
Kraft singles Cheese slices - $4.49
Anything Old Dutch - potato and tortilla chips, pretzels, cheezies, salsa
Delissio pizzas - $6.49

buy food from me -- it's for a good cause.


ang said...

I want the nicorette. I don't care the price.

ang said...

I presume you know about
If I were you I'd be buying makeup from sephora with free shipping. You can even collect airmiles when buying a Mac. Airmiles rules!

Alyssa said...

I have the airmiles credit card from westjet, and if you sign up for the gold card you colletect a lot faster. Now the trick is, sign up for the silver card first, which gives you 150 bonus airmiles, then upgrade to gold which gives you 200 bonus airmiles, for a total of 350 bonus airmiles.

The miles add up, but it took me a year to get 2000. I hope you have better luck than me!

therachel said...

oh bec. you are too funny. by the way, do you ship to Edmonton? Free?