Sunday, May 28, 2006

hometown 6: abbotsford

What is hometown 6? see friday, may 26's post on where this idea came from.

Here are my six photos:

Streetsign: We live on Terry Fox Avenue.

Banner/flag: These banners are all along South Fraser Way promoting active living in Abbotsford.

Yard animals: Now, i think this category was supposed to mean animals in gardens and such but in abbotsford (which used to be more of a farming area) there's this big farm in the middle of town that this little old lady refuses to sell so houses have been built up all around it. But i love that it's still there. And these are some "yard animals".

Mailbox: Another sign of Abbotsford's farming-ness.

Flowerbox: When you start looking for flowerboxes (like under windows?) they're hard to find. Hence this flowerpot.

Gazebo: okay, so i've cheated with this picture because i wanted to get these photos posted while at my parents tonight and i hadn't found a gazebo yet. HOWEVER, this gazebo is at Trethewey House which is a historic house museum on Mill Lake in Abbotsford where we often walk.


Alyssa said...
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Alyssa said...

So I commented on how great your pictures were, and then I noticed a typo, so I removed it... but who knew that it left such a mysterious message behind. So just so you know, it was me.

Sharelle said...

whew! that is a weight off my shoulders. just kidding. but honestly, it always makes a person wonder what was so essential to be removed. two things

1. Bec - I want to do this picture thing, and plan on doing it with a night off, problem is i dont have a night off for like another 6 days, but I will do it.

2. The fact that it says "New!" in caps next to Alyssas blog, made me laugh pretty hard, you are truly a star Bec,

ang said...

give me time, I'm so on this, and definatly thinking about doing the triathalon. If I don't have a wedding that day, why not?

Anonymous said...
Good Luck!