Saturday, February 10, 2007

I LOVE pedicures

i know that i've spoken of my $18 pedicures before but i came home early from work this past thursday and thought to myself, "i should get a pedicure.", walked in and got one. the price has gone up to $22 but it's still a steal. the woman recorgnizes me and was quizzing my down as to why i hadn't been there in so long. i told hre that i don't usually get pedicures in winter. she asked, "so you not going somehwere else?" and i said no. and then when i took my socks off, i still had a bit of old nailpolish on my big toenails and she asked, "this my colour?" like she hadn't believed my first answer. i assured her that it was. my toes look fantastic inside my socks inside my shoes. i'd be willing to take my socks and shoes off for you if you were to ask. ha. i love my pedicures.

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ang said...

Sucks you beat me to the pedicure post! Unbelievable! We were just talking about how we were thinking the same stuff all day, but this is rediculous. I swear I thought I was being original when I posted, but you posted 20min before me! I'm glad we both love them! I'll come to your place next time.