Monday, February 12, 2007

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance

I absolutely adore this show. i didn't watch the first season but this past season was fantastic. my favs were benji and heidi though. after the season was over, MUCH started replaying it again on sundays. i watched the entire season a second time and i liked just as much if not more! whenever a show was finished, i just wanted to dance around the house. now that's love. the question is: when is the next season???


Alyssa said...

I also loved So You Think You Can Dance... Heidi was my favorite. I couldn't stand her at the beginning, but by the end she was just so great. She won me over with the cuban rhumba.

Laura said...

I also love so you think you can dance. I just got back from my hip hop class and " i think i can dance:)" Isn't dancing wonderful.....I miss dancing with you girls.

Dallas said...

Hi Bec,

I haven't changed my xanga. I am still thinking about it. Although I have been busy with other stuff. I will definitely add you to the list when I change over.

Keep those pictures coming.

I don't love so you think you can dance but I do love American idol.

Conor said...

I'd prefer to watch 24.