Wednesday, February 28, 2007

driving issues.

this morning i got to school 50 minutes after it had started. i missed chapel -- a chapel that i was in charge of. why, you ask? traffic. i now know what all those who commute the OTHER way feel on a more frequent basis.

i wasn't carpooling today so i stopped at starbucks. who should i meet there but my carpooling buddy sally! we had the same idea. she got her coffee and left and i waited another couple minutes for my drink and then left. as i hit chilliwack, it started to snow and the road got slippery and all of a sudden everyone in front of me was coming to a stop. there was an accident. i couldn't see it because there were some semis in front of it but i was pretty close. was it sally? i didn't know. then i saw a silver jetta up ahead of me a ways and thought to myself -- that must be her. she'll call the school on her cel (as i'm not carrying a cel around these days). well, a few minutes turned into 15 minutes, which turned into 30 minutes. i thought to myself, i should go check if that's really sally. so i get out of my car (which at this point, many people are doing) and start walking up the side of the road only to see a man standing beside the jetta. shoot it wasn't sally. now i'm worried again that it's her in the accident. plus it's 8am (school starts at 8:15) and they don't know where i am. i walk up to a mom-looking lady and ask her if she has a cel phone i could use. she lends it to me and i call the school.

sally's there. it's all good. except that i'm stuck in traffic. the people on the radio are saying, "if you're on the #1 by #3 road, get off the highway. they've closed it down and who knows how long this is going to be!" oh man. i did some soduku puzzles. thanks rach. and all of a sudden, things got moving by 8:45!

i made it to school unscathed. my kids were sitting quietly doing silent reading while our part time teacher supervised. i got there in time for bible class. in fact i had many a hug from my students when i arrived.

yep. that's it. you were expecting more excitement? insert seinfeld quote about the pants here.


therachel said...

pants? What pants? Does this mean I don't watch enough Seinfeld? Glad to hear you enjoyed the Sudoku, Bec. You're a star. Glad you made it to work safely, and that Sally was also ok.

PS - I've called pretty much every game store in Edmonton, and none of them sell Perudo. Where did you buy it in Van? Can't wait to see you in a few! Let's talk before then! xo R

Judy said...

yikes.. your story was scaring me.. thought you were going to say that it was Sally that was in the accident! Glad you were both OK.. and yeah.. "the very pants I was taking to the cleaners"

By the way, we've got snow here tonight in WR - a light covering over everything..