Tuesday, February 06, 2007

speaking of points...

so have you heard all the Z-points stuff on the radio? (for those who don't know -- on the radio, they give you a bonus word and you type it in on their website and they give you 500 points. keep your points and then you can bid on things in their online auctions.) well i never hear the bonus words at 12:15, 5:15, or 8:15 so i never bothered typing in the one word that i'd hear just get 500 points. there are people out there getting points for everything, right? well, yesterday i discovered a forum where people are posting all the bonus words to get points. in two days, i've gained 6500 points!

if you want to get started, type in the following:


that'll get you 2500 points right there!

i'm saving up for tickets to see rod stewart. ha.


Sharelle said...

this is all well and good, but where are the things you love! huh?
thats what i want to know

davo said...

Fun to see your site. Your dad gave me your blog address. I doubt you remember me - I worked with your dad at Teldon about 12 years ago and then I moved to the states not long after he left Teldon.

I have my own blog too, but about all I post is photos and occasional bits of poetry when the mood strikes

Davo in Arizona

Dallas said...

rod stewart? what? my auntie loves him. what happened to all the cool pictures with your new camera. i want to lurk the pictures!

ang said...

points are ok....but what do you love?