Tuesday, February 27, 2007

things that are bad

#1 thing that is bad? shopping.

BUT today i went to winners. now i have stayed away for over a month and today i knew tim was working late and i thought to myself..."maybe i'll just go have a look around..." i bought something. a shirt. but it was only $9.99. how's that for self-control?

#2 thing that is bad? fast food.

BUT i went to wendy's anyways.

#3 thing that is bad? skipping the gym.

this is especially bad on days that there's no good tv, you're husband's working late and there's no reason to stay home. how could you NOT go to the gym? umm...if you stay home and bake the #4 bad thing...

#4 thing that is bad? too many cookies.

i had gotten this jar of ingredients for christmas from one of my students that all that was needed was an egg and some butter. i assembled it today and made the cookies. now, you just can't have that many cookies around because they are TOO tempting. however, when i pulled the first dozen out of the oven, i dropped the tray and splattered cookies all over the floor. so now i only have one dozen. i guess that's a good thing. (but i'm still sad)

so that was my "bad" evening. (however, i'm feeling pretty good...haha)

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therachel said...

"feeling good-" probably has something to do with Wendy's, Winners, and cookies. As for the pic on my site - Dallas posted it on his first, so I don't feel too bad. I just love that guy!