Thursday, February 22, 2007


so i tried out a wii for the first time on tuesday night. oh my goodness i want one. have you tried it? it's so easy to use and it's not just a thumb workout. i was running around, swinging for tennis, jumping over hurdles - it was awesome. we were at tim's friend jeff's place for games (regular ones) on tuesday and we'd finished a couple games and i was feeling desperate to leave because it was getting late and i was so tired and then jeff says to his wife, "i think we should teach rebecca how to ride the cows. she'll really like it." and i'm like, "wha?" well, tim and i didn't want to go home after trying this out. i kept saying, "okay -- just one more game of tennis." and then we'd keep going. it's a fantastic device. i'd recommend trying one out.


Conor said...

I've heard those are fun. You have to be careful with them though, they can be dangerous. A few months ago there was a recall on all Wiis because people were breaking their TVs because of them. The batteries were flying out of the controller and cracking the screens. If you get one becareful. As a side note the xbox 360 is best.

Husband said...

We aren't getting a Wii. I agree with conor. Besides, can't play NHL 07 on Wii so there really is no point.

therachel said...

riding cows? I'd like to hear more about this. Which game is it in?