Saturday, February 10, 2007

I LOVE sleeping in

i was torn between "sleeping in" and "my duvet". like maybe i love to sleep in because of my duvet? but i decided that i'd like to sleep in anywhere. tim can't understand how i can possibly sleep in as late as i do and i always feel like i'm getting up earlier than i would because he's already up. i called my brother lasst sunday to ask him if he was going to watch the super bowl and my dad's like, "he's still sleeping" was 12:47pm. tim thinks sleeping in must run in the family. but i can fully wake up and look at the clock then think to myself, "naww." and go back to sleep for another couple for hours. i love it.


Judy said...

Yes, Tim.... its true... it is genetic. I LOVE sleeping in too.. but my sleeping in could ever match those of my offspring... But I still LOVE not having to get dressed and out the door til noon :)

ang said...

My family is like this too. I never think of sleeping in as wasting the day. Mornings are never that great anyway.