Wednesday, February 14, 2007

twu? what?

so what kind of university is T-dub turning into? tim's spent some major hours at work overtime lately working on a view day video. you know -- have prospective students and their parents watch a little promo video? little did i know what this video was about. since when does twu have humour like this?

maybe i'm biased because it's tim. haha.


Sharelle said...

you can tell tim that i like it.
because its so "random".
terry delite...oh boy.
but what i am wondering does that introduce people to TWU?
and also, i must know TWU because i recognized actors! yes!
it will be a smash hit. i just know it...

Laura said...

I love it! Tim you're hilarious! I think my favorite part was when you were on the phone and you said "Right-O." Who says that? It's awesome:) Watching this video also linked me back to the Stomp video of 2004. I forgot how amazing those guys were...check it out:)

Tim said...

Right-O is how my Dad ends every conversation on the phone - unique and quite funny.

My favorite parts are the long awkward pauses. I'm glad we didn't edit those out.

ang said...

Tim, you are brilliant. It was so snl inspired. I have many favorite parts but I like when you poked your head between the hedge.
Welcome to internet fame.

Laura said...

So I just watched the video again, as i was showing Conor and laughed even harder the second time, so i had to post again.

Tim you are simply hilarious. I really love how "happy," you look in so many of the clips. The new twu students are in for a treat.
Seriously, it's just so funny....(i'm laughing as i type this)

why aren't we all making videos like this?

Jimmy said...

Tim may have a future in acting.