Thursday, February 22, 2007

my teaching practices...

i'm mid-evaluation right now at school which means my principal drops into my class every so often and takes notes. eek. one portion of the eval is me choosing someone like parents, kids, other staff to also evaluate me. i chose the kids this time. so the other day when he taught them music, he gave my kids a survey and went through it with them. 8 questions for them to answer "always true", "sometimes true", or "never true" about me. these statements were like, "i understand my teacher's rules" and "My teacher answers my questions", right? the number one statement that almost all the kids said is "always true" about me was...

My teacher wants me to learn a lot.

now that's not so bad, right? i have high expectations! coming in tied at number 2 in the placings?

I learn lots of things in this class &
My teacher helps me with my work when i don't understand something.

it's funny to wonder what was going through their minds when they were filling these out.

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