Thursday, February 15, 2007

things i hate?

so having missed last season, i thought i'd be returning to survivor this season now that it's on a night that i can watch it. let's just say, it's 8:45pm and i'm not interested enough to watch the rest. it's a little bit sad for me having been such an avid survivor fan for so many years. it was even mentioned numerous times at my wedding. ah, well life has got to go on, right? ha.

well even though i've been lacking in the LOVE posts this past 10 days of valentines, it's not because i haven't thought about it. everyday this week as i drove to and from school alone because my carpool partner was sick, i thought about things that i love. things such as my magic bag, cheese pleasers, ang's posts, cruise control and my straightening iron jumped to mind. however, i had many things that i hate jump to mind as well. i know, hate is a strong word. but i was feeling strongly about some of these things. so to counteract the love-in we've had this past week, as much as i enjoyed it, i just had to get these things off my chest.

i hate that cheese pleasers have 400cal. a bag.

i hate it when you're using cruise control and you pass someone only to have them then speed up and tail you until you pull into the right lane and they pass you. then you pull out again behind them, still on cruise control, and they slow down again, forcing you to step on the brakes and end your cruising.

i hate it when i'm straightening my hair and some hairs just want to stick out no matter how many times i straighten them THEN they're fried from being straightened too many times.

i hate ridiculous questions - there IS such thing as a stupid question.

i hate photocopying things then losing them on my desk and having to go re-photocopy them.

i hate finding things that i've already re-photocopied.

i hate headaches.

i hate hearing the alarm in the morning.

i hate days that you want to call in sick but know that you can't.

umm...alrighty then. maybe you're guessing that i didn't have a great day. i re-photocopied a ton of things today and then found them again later. i lost a lot of things on my desk today. i have a headache. i want to call in sick tomorrow but most definitley cant. i did eat a bag of cheese pleasers though which made feel temporarily better. i wish tomorrow was saturday. but at least it's not monday. and i'm just a big complainer. and i know it. but sometimes it really is nice just to get things off your chest.

ahhh...i think i'll sleep good tonight. haha.


Alyssa said...

After all the loves it was nice to hear some hates... I hope you have a good weekend!

Sharelle said...

i must admit, i was a lurker. i read the post and did not comment. but i was with you, the excercise of "love" was nice, but the blog is a PRIME oppurtunity for ranting about things. i applaud your post bec.
the people like the "hate" post. or at least me and my cynicism like it:)