Thursday, January 24, 2008


i've been wearing running pants under my clothes all week because i've been so cold. i have to wear my slightly too big pants to fit my running pants under. i'm feeling a little bulky.

isn't anyone else cold? is there anyone else wearing longjohns or something? how could it just be me? no one else is looking fatter than usual because of the layers of clothes.

[and before synchyshyn makes a snappy comment about how she lives in much colder weather, to my defense, i bring my colleague sally, alberta born and raised. she says (and i quote) "it's a different kind of cold here. it gets into your bones and even though it's only 0 degrees, it feels a lot colder than -5 in alberta."]


therachel said...

snappy comment? never. ha. umm...i wore long johns one day last week. My new office is cold-city, and I've been tempted to bring a blanket and slippers. I'm getting more rides to and from work, which limits my need to put on the LJs. I would never judge anyone for wearing running pants under their real pants, especially not you, Bec. I think it was Lynn who once said that she is cold from approximately the middle of October to sometime in April. I think I get it now, b/c I'm the same way.

lavonne said...

Did the Salmon hatch? Are they swimming around? Are they dead yet?
The people need to know!

Ang said...

are they the same pants that James wore?