Monday, January 28, 2008

they hatched!!!

in fact, when i got to school today, there were still some eggs and a few alevin swimming around. alevin is the name for the first hatched salmon. they have a yolk sack attached to them which is what they eat and as they eat it, it gets smaller and smaller. so right now, they'renot great swimmers because this heavy yolk sack is hanging off their fronts. they seem to mostly be sitting around with a few wild tail flicks here and there. most of the alevin are hiding in the redd (the pile of rocks in the middle of the tank) so we can only see a few. pictures will be up tomorrow. i'm SO happy they hatched - i was starting to worry!


Ashlee said...

YAY!!! break open the bubbly :) (just maybe not when the kids are around!)

Alyssa said...

Fantastic! Go baby salmon!

therachel said...

hoooooraaaayyyy! i'm really impressed that you know all the salmon lingo.

we're at one episode to go for season 2 of LOST (I know, we're severely behind)'s gettin crazy!