Friday, January 18, 2008

tales from the gym

wednesday nights are boot camp night as i've recently started going to this new class...umm called bootcamp. so it's super intense and when i think i can do no more, the instructor says, "okay, our warm up is finished!" yep.

so at one point, half the class was on bikes and half the class was doing something with the step and then we'd switch - intervals. so i'm pedaling away on the bike and the guy one bike down from me says, "we should turn this fan on." which was facing us. smile and nod since i can't muster any breath to say anything. then we switch to the step for a minute, then return to the bikes. as i'm adjusting my feet on the pedals, the guy says something to me. you've got to picture the atmosphere - loud music, the instructor calling out things, people on bikes etc. so i say, "what?". he says it sounded like something to do with apples. so again, i say, "what?" he replies a 3rd time, "do you like apples?" i'm like, "yeahh..." [macdonald stare] and he points at the fan he's just turned on and says, "how do you like them apples?" oh my goodness. i cannot believe i just worked so hard to get me to hear that. i just laughed.

now, guys are not often in these group classes so it's always a little funny when they are there because, while it doesn't seem silly for women to be exercising in unison, it just seems a little silly for men. i guess it's stereotypes. but last night, i was at a stength class with weights and mats and stuff which is an hour long. there were these two total gym-like guys who are not the type to come to a class but this one guy, a lot of people seemed to know. classic tanned waxed chest with the tanktop that has a neckline that comes down really low so you can see his muscles (but he's like 40) it was funny. anyways, back to the class, they do the same succession of strength exercises each class for a few weeks so you get used to the routine and then they change it. so the last 4 times i've gone, there's this move that is apparently working your shoulder rotator cuff. i've never been able to do it. maybe i have too much weight for the exercise but it's so awkward. well last night, i finally was able to do a few more than usual and trying not to audibly grunt, i worked that rotator cuff with a few breaks. then when we're done, tank top buddy says loudly to the instructor, "hey! that girl right there (pointing at me) didn't do all the reps. i was watching - she cheated." haha. some subsequent jokes were made about why he was even watching me and i of course threw in the joke that that many reps was more than usual. but it was pretty random.

despite being a cheater, my rotator cuffs are sore today.


ang said...

these guys sound like creeps, don't talk to them.

therachel said...

do you sometimes wish tim waxed his chest? maybe that's inappropriate discussion for this forum.

Katie Marie said...

Absolutely hilarious! I can picture the whole scenario, and it made me laugh so hard! Thank you for that, Bec! You are just amazing, and I love hearing all about your gym stories. I am so proud of you for going to so many workout classes! I can't wait to see you! I'm totally out of shape, and I can't wait to go to the gym and get back to my normal self when I return June. I miss you a lot, and I am so glad to hear you're doing well! Take care, and say Hi to Tim for me! Love, Kt
P.S. I'm in Guam now, and will be leaving on Jan. 23 for Okinawa, then Shanghai, and ending in Osaka by March.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh he's like 40!