Sunday, January 13, 2008

into the wild

a couple weeks ago, tim and i went to see "into the wild" in theatres with some friends. it is quite the movie. if you haven't heard of it - in a nutshell: a guy out of college, gives away all his money, and he travels around the US with nothing but the things he carries in his backpack with the ultimate goal of getting to alaska and living in the wild. now, i'm not a philisophical person and don't usually go too deep into the movies or books i encounter so you'll have to see it yourself and see what you make of it. but when we came out of the theatre, if we hadn't been with people, it's the kind of movie where you think you might cry the whole way home but you're not sure. it's amazing. see it.

super interested in the story behind the movie, i borrowed the book from a friend and read it this week. the movie is fairly identical to the movie which is great excpet the book adds a lot more thought and theories on the main character's reason for his actions and come comparisons to other people in history. an interesting read. read it.

then tim and i were in future shop and came across the soundtrack for the movie. eddie vedder wrote 10 of the 11 songs for the movie and performs them all. if you like eddie - this is a phenomenal cd. eddie and a guitar for most of the songs. so good. listen to it.

i can't stop thinking about this movie - it stays with you. february 12 - out on dvd. let me know what you think.


rachel said...

yeah, I've got this on my 'watch it ASAP' list. I figure it'll be worth the cost of the rental just for the scenery - but a little Eddie won't hurt either. :)

therachel said...

i read the book waaaay back in the day, close to when it came out...I think it was back in high school when I was actually working at the library and more up to speed on the "what's hot to read" list. I loved the book, and also enjoyed "into thin air" by Jon Krakauer, which is about that ill-fated Everest climb a number of years ago where some of the folks didn't make it. Krakauer has also written another book more recently about fundamentalist mormons (I think), and it sounds interesting too.

Sorry, I realize that I should be commenting on the cd, but haven't yet. I shall put it on hold at the library, and hopefully see the movie when it's on DVD, as the book was a fave for awhile.