Thursday, January 31, 2008

you did WHAT?

i'm about to turn a short story into a long one...get ready.

when i returned to the gym in november after a major hiatus, there was this girl in all my step classes who made me so frustrated. i'd be slogging through the steps with my lead legs and she was so bouncy and full of energy. for example, before the class started, she'd bike on one of the stationary bikes that are in the room where we have our step class. can you imagine the loathing i had for energy-girl? but the more i went to step, the more energy i'd have. i wanted to have a class again with bouncy girl and compare my new self but she seemed to stop coming.

well last night, she returned. we were at my bootcamp class together. now this is a seriously engergy-sapping workout. i think i've blogged about it before...oh yeah - how do you like them apples? so anyways i was concentrating on keeping up with miss bounce and then the instructor (who i'm pretty sure is making up the class as she goes along - takes one to know one) tells us to get a partner. oh man - i hate partnering with strangers for anything but at the gym? the worst! so since bouncey and i are standing next to each other, we decide to be partners. we do some stuff with a step and the reason we're partners is to push each other harder by having to keep up with each other. okay - that i can handle. and i'm honestly, way too pleased to be keeping up with my partner. then the instructor says (and keep in mind this is now the last 15min of the class so we're so tired and sweaty), "i saw this thing on tv the other day about ______ (some fighting thing-i can't remember what) and the training they did was really rigorous but it was something that i was wanting to try in class sometime." okay... "get into your partners again." my and engergy walk over to each other. "now you're going to piggyback the other person back and forth across the room for a minute". WHAT?!?! are you picturing this? 8 grown-ups who are literally strangers and we had to piggyback each other around this room. if you weren't insecure about your weight yet, you ARE now! so anyways, we did it. THEN the instructor says, "okay, now you're going to lift your partner up with both arms and carry them newlywed style back and forth across the room." WHAT?!?! but we did it. me and my new bestfriend were the only people who were able to do this one the whole minute. bring it!

so now that i've piggybacked miss bouncey around, i'm feeling as though we are bestfriends and there will be no more of these frustrating feelings towards her in classes. we'll have this secret knowledge of what it feels like to lift them up and we have the bond of knowing that if they fall and hurt themselves in class, we could be the ones to carry them out.

but aren't you saying to yourself right now, you did WHAT at the gym?


Ashlee said...

what kind of gym is this? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca - being a "gym" person myself (lately 5 times a week), I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard that I cried!

Thanks for that story - it's priceless!

Aunt Laurie

therachel said...

so, did you happen to ask "bouncy" her real name? Maybe it's something peppy like "bunni?"

and...I wonder how many people will actually return to step class after this experience. funny story, indeed.

Ang said...

you gave me the giggles in feature writing class!

Dad said...

You're my new hero...