Tuesday, January 22, 2008

salmon update

the salmon survived the weekend! due to hatch on thursday...

this is what the tank looks like, all covered up with styrofoam. and yes, the yellow bucket is supposed to be there - reminding everyone not to turn on the hot water tap. the rocks are on top of the tank holding the styrofoam down because the pop bottles of ice are trying to pop the lid off.
can you see them? they're small and pink - you can see a couple on top of the rocks and then lots around the bottom.
(after i took this photo, i wondered if it was healthy for those eggs who shouldn't have any light to have a major camera flash. oops...what am i doing raising salmon?)

i didn't tell these kids to pose. this is really how intensely they inspect the tank when we open it up. (umm - it is pretty cool if you look closely because you can see the little eye through the egg and they wiggle. for real.)
according to our estimates based on the temperature of the water, the eggs should hatch thursday BUT if they don't, we're going on an all day fieldtrip on friday so we might miss them hatching and they'll just all be swimming around on monday. oh man.


rachel said...

good on you for starting the points thing. How did you find out the points value for everything? (it looks to me like that kind of info can't be unlocked on the WW site if you don't pay). Are you seeing any results?

Ashlee said...

glad to see they survived...the suspense was killing me :)

therachel said...

this is very exciting! jon's hard work with the bottles paid off!

joy said...

You amaze me. Between the sewing and the salmon, I feel unworthy to be your cousin.

therachel said...

great pics! love it! I hope that they hatch on Thurs when you and the kids are around! That would be fabulous!

PS - where are you going on the field trip?