Sunday, January 13, 2008


i have not been on my downhill skis since the beginning of '06. yes, i'm serious. i own the gear and never even went skiing last year. but not so this year. tim, matt, and i headed to manning park this past saturday for a little ski time. matt invested in skis, bindings, poles, boots, snowpants, googles, and a touque this week so we thought we should take him out. good times.

i admit, i was sad to be missing my saturday morning step class but as it turns out, i'd forgotten what a workout skiing is. my legs were killing me on my first run. i thought that i'd do great this year since i'm in much better shape than two years ago, but it didn't seem to matter. i stuck with the green runs, sometimes having to go by myself so that the boys could go do blue, and in my alone time on the mountain, i decided that skiing is not my thing. i'm not having fun going down the hill - i'm desperately trying to stay up. i'm am in constant fear that i'm going to fall. it shouldn't matter so much - oh well you fall - but it matters to me. i fell once. lots of snow p the jacket. had to take the one ski off to climb up the hill to get my other ski that had fallen off and then i couldn't for the life of me get the skis back on. i eventually got them on and finished the run but i didn't want to go back out. it was reminicient of night skiing in grade 9, ang. i wanted to sit it out. BUT i stuck it out, kept doing the greens and made it through the day. maybe skiing would grow on me if i went more often than once every two years. i'll have to try that out. i think i'll invest in a new pair of goggles though - the ones in the picture are from grade 7 and when i'd wear them, air was still coming up into my eyes and they left tiny foam chunks on my face when i took them off. haha.

as for matt - he's a natural at every sport so it didn't matter that he'd only been on skis a total of 4 times - he was great. i'm going to HAVE to get better because it's beginning to look like a family sport.


joy said...

I know how you feel. I've only been skiing once, in Gr 7 on a field trip. We had to tell the teacher our weight so they'd the get proper skis for us, and I lied by about 20 lbs. So the entire time we were skiing, I was afraid that the skis would break under me, and then I'd get going too fast going down the hill that I'd have to just drop and roll. It was horrible. Never again.

Anonymous said...

love your ski jacket!!!!!

Ang said...

you look hesitant in the bottom picture. Was this after? I think it will grow on you, especially if you go with GIRLS who you can laugh and sing with on the chairlift. It changes everything. Next time I'll come, so I can grab your ski that falls off for you.

therachel said...

ohhh i forgot to mention. since seeing you over new year's i have seen at least 3 different people with the same jacket as you...but you, Rebecca Shulba, make that jacket look good.