Monday, January 07, 2008

most suprising christmas gift of 07

a cd - the wailin' jennys - from tim.

the day before christmas, we each picked a gift to give to each other to open early. he hands me a cd-shaped package. "oh - thanks" giggle. rip rip rip. "hunh. the wailin' jennys?" "yeah, i really researched this to find you a new band that i thought you'd like." "hmm...thanks." "let's open and listen to it." " looks country. did you buy it because you thought you'd like it?" "no - it's folky. sarah harmer like." "well, let's listen to some clips before we open it in case i don't like it." "okaay..." music music music. "sure, let's open it. it sounds okay."

as it turns out, (poor tim) it's the greatest cd and i've listened to it non-stop since christmas day. i love every song, no skipping certain ones. it is a little country - i can't deny it. but still fantastic. soo...

if you want to hear them with tim and i on february 8th, they're playing in Harrison Hot Springs (of all places...i don't think they're too big) and it's only something like $18. sweet!

i recommend a listen. even if it's just on itunes and not at the concert way out in the boonies.

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Anonymous said...

You can hear some of their songs for free at
under the "new music canada".