Sunday, January 06, 2008

the most coveted party favour ever...

so...greatest invention ever - the photobooth. when my friends and i were in grade 8 and 9, there was a black and white photobooth in Bootlegger at the mall and we would go as a group with our coins in hand and stay at bootlegger foreva eva, getting in and out of the photobooth. seriously hours. we'd plan the poses for each shot, people would jump in and out of the booth between shots. it was much fun. and these photos were the only things in our little wallets for many years.

i think i may have forgotten the fun of the photobooth...until last night.

domi and ang have created a photobooth. for real. with a screen and a camera and printer in a giant box like thing. apparently domi has one in hawaii and has rented it out at wedding receptions and it's been a big hit. and now they've made one here. . one cost, unlimited pics, greatest invention ever. well done dolientes! can't wait to see it up and running somewhere.

what event do you have coming up that you need a photobooth for? guarenteed hit.


Ashlee said...

i love photo booths! i've got come up with a reason to rent one :)

Ang said...

I'm pretty sure I have a photobooth picture of Ashlee from those bootlegger days. Us and our sad hairdos. :)