Friday, January 25, 2008

mom and kids camp

today at missionsfest, i walked around with a couple for girls from my class. met a guy from camp luther which is apparently a camp in mission. who knew? and he said to me, "yeah, there's a great mom and kids camp you guys could go to together." are you kidding me?

and if you don't like that anecdote from the day, maybe you'll like this one: i stopped at starbucks this morning before meeting up with the bus from school. i was standing in line when this guy came in and walked past me towards the end of the line but he stared a little strangely at me as he walked by. so now he's standing behind me and i satrt wondering, "is my hair sticking up? does my ponytail look funny?" so i start playing with my hair a little and the guy says, "you look fine." awkward. i made a couple jokes.


Ang said...

dude at missions fest was waiting for you to say the kids weren't yours, so that he could ask you out.
dude at starbucks is still wishing he had given you his number.
today was a good day for breaking hearts.

therachel said...

leave it to ang to see the silver lining! way to go, ang! (and Bec, for breaking all of those hearts)