Tuesday, August 29, 2006

addicted to mute

growing up in a family where both parents couldn't find the remote fast enough when the commercials came on in order to mute them, i have inherited this characteristic. i am addicted to the mute button. our tv is hooked up to the stereo and the stereo has a mute that just turns the sound way down but not totally silent which i love even more than plain old mute. however, when people are over to watch season finales and such, i often get strange looks when i mute. like, "if it's silent, what are we going to talk about?" looks. tim is the most anti-mute person i've met however and on veg-out evenings there is quite a bit of complaining about the muteing. but i can't help myself. i used to fight it when my parents had the remote but now that it's me, i can't figure out why you wouldn't want to turn down those too-loud commercials.

in regards to real life...aka school...my first couple days have been good. it's nice to break into routines slowly without kids there for a few days and you can remind yourself about all the things you love about teaching. my whole classroom has been revamped with new furniture layouts and faux bulletin boards (wha?) and i love that. i had two major meetings today: one with our new TA in regards to a number of students that she'll be working with - 1hr 20min and one with the PR commitee of which i am the newest member - 1hr 10min. last year i wasn't on a committee (we have a few) but this year with one teacher leaving, there was an opening that required a teacher so i stepped in. i've been appointed secretary with my quick typing skills (haha) so i typed the minutes while the meeting took place. i find when you're the writer, there's less pressure on you to interject into the discussions. this is the number one reason i volunteered regularly to be the writer on the posters in education group work in university. ha. (reason number two? using smelly felts...) anyways...so a chunk of the afternoon was with other people plus coffee breaks (aka iced tea breaks). umm...really, i'm feeling like i haven't gotten that much done. tomorrow will be a more focused day. maybe i'll make a list of goals. maybe i'll schedule my time in raquel units.


bob said...

long live the mute button!!

rachel s. said...

The mute button was huge at my house in Calgary. Dallas and I don't use it here b/c we've been mainly watching DVDs (no cable), and you can just fast forward through the stuff you don't want to watch/there are no commercials. We just got a set of rabbit ears, though, so a universal remote may be in order, if only to utilize the mute button. I guess you could say I'm pro-mute. Hee hee.

PS - did you take the pic of the smelly felts?

Bec Shulba said...

i don't have a camera anymore. i just google imaged those pics.

Sharelle said...

three cheers for google image search.

i am going to go "groundbreaking" here and say.."i wish it was muted ALL the time". yup i said it, i hate t.v. excluding let's say grey's anatomy, gg and so you think you can dance.

dont get me wrong, those shows are great, but most of the time, i feel like its a waste of time. there is however, a fear that my kids will be like homeschoolers with no t.v. background. uh oh.

hannah b said...

not going to lie - the raquel method of units of time is quite useful. you can do it to divide up a 24 hour day, a week or even a year. i have a 10 year plan, divided into units of time!! fun fun