Tuesday, August 15, 2006

mr. gray

liz and i attended a david gray concert last night at deer lake park. what a perfect night for an outdoor concert! it was gorgeous. but the new plan for the next deer lake concert? don't buy tickets. just sit on the other side of the lake where i'm sure you can hear all the music no problem.

anyways. we got in line at 5pm (concert's not til...7:30ish) and the doors opened at 5:45. we walked down the hill and got a fantastic spot for our blankets. we had two large blankets for three of us (a friend of liz was also with us) and really hogged our space. i've never been to an outdoor concert before so as the time got closer to concet time, i hadn't realized that people just showing up would be walking way up to the frnt where we were and finding tiny patches of grass to settle on even if the personal space is way too close. we had no issues though because our huge blanket. heehee.

david gray is the kind of concert that you relax at on your blanket...however, the people in front of us got the idea they should stand up. we couldn't see for a long time because we didn't want to stand up. when he left the stage then came back for his encore, we decided to stand. the encore was about 50 min! it was great.

the band all had suits on plus there's one girl who played the cello in a lot of songs and she was wearing a really nice strapless dress.

if you haven't listened to david gray before, i recommend him to anyone no matter what genre of music you enjoy. he's good mellow listening but not soft rock. he plays the piano and the guitar and switched back an forth. i'm so impressed by people who can do that.

it was a great concert.


Alyssa said...

Apparently you can hear really well from the other side of the lake, James has a friend who does that for all the concerts at Deer Lake. Too bad I didn't know that back when I lived there... so many free concert oportunites waisted.

Alyssa said...

I mean wasted.

sarah said...

David Grey! who's he?
Isn't it so annoying when people stand up in front of you!

raquel said...

Wow Becca David Gray! All I've been listening to lately is David Gray. Partially because I don't own any cds and he is my favorite out of all the ones my friend here has, and partially because I am in love with him. Why do I like the slow depressing music he plays nobody knows... I wish i was there to share the massive blanket with ya!