Wednesday, August 02, 2006

benji and heidi dance it up

oh you know those names if you watch So You Think You Can Dance...benji has got to win. as goofy as he looks in this pic, he's a star! he's a swing dancer and that's all he danced until this competetion and as it turns out...he is great at every type of dance! man, i love this show. it makes me want to dance. finale next wednesday.


rachel s. said...


Amy said...

Yes, I do read this blog. But as you can see, several days at once. And of course, I feel the need to comment on almost everything. Anyway, I just watched this show for the first time, and the one dancer who blew me away was Benji. I couldn't believe this guy. Anyway, I hate to take on yet another TV show, but I may have to. I think Sarah would love it. TTFN, Amy.

Alyssa said...

I don't know... Heidi has really grown on me. At first I hated her, but now I want her to win... her and her cousin Benji dancing together was the greatest!