Wednesday, August 23, 2006

step out

of line if you are buying tickets for step up, the movie where "Every second chance begins with a first step." ahh yes. okay okay...i was very excited to see it with all the dance hype on the ads. the critique? just not enough dancing. way too much attempt at a plot. just dance. i have to admit, i loved the main guy. highlights of the movie are twofold: (1) when the white kid is dancing with his homies in his janitor outfit outside the arts school. yeah right. and (2) all the handshake/slaps that turn into hugs in the hood...does that really happen? because these guys are hugging each other more than i get hugged. other than that, wait to rent. at this moment, i can see you laughing and saying, "i already knew that." but just in case...i'm putting it out there for you.


ang said...

my highlight was the bazarre pieces the wardrobe department were pulling together. There was a undenyable knod to the 80's dance movies. But I was just getting confused and wondering how many sweaters and ripped leggings one girl could have. Also apparently styles in the hood haven't evolved since 95 I was looking forward to more street dance culture and was left hanging.

rachel s. said...

ahh, thanks for the insight - Alyssa and I were wanting to see this one, but I guess we'll wait to rent it! Miss you!