Thursday, August 03, 2006

nothing on my plate

literally. i have no ideas for dinner.

but actually that statement describes my day. this morning i was up at 7am to see tim off on his hiking trip with his buddy ryan. they're going to be gone until monday. yes...he's missing the triathalon this saturday. unbelieveable i know but he did actually have this hike planned before i signed up for my triathalon. i called my brother in law to find out if i could use his van on saturday to get my bike to the race and he was totally stunned that tim wasn't going to be there. he's like, "don't worry -- we'll get you to that race." nice to have family around. my parents will be going with me so i'll have someone to hold me towel and running shoes for me. :)

anyways...back to the day's events. up at 7am then back to sleep. the phone rings at 8am and leave it figuring the person will leave a message. they don't. that's so annoying. then it rings again at 8:05am. i answer it. it's our tenant asking me to reboot our internet router because the internet's not working. 8am? so then i go back to bed and i'm feeling a little sad about tim being gone for 5 days so i just lay in bed all morning. because i can. i'm finally finished little altars everywhere and have moved onto it's sequel, divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood. yes, i never read them when the movie came out so i'm attempting now.

at noon, i ate lunch and watched people's court which is my favourite day time television show and i will argue vehemently that these people are not white trash despite what tim says.

i finished a unit plan for my solar system unit and i went to the teacher store and bought a few unit books (solar system, plants, and exploring Canada).

i went to the bank (holla to rs for TD) and deposited 50 rolls of pennies (from my penny drive back in...umm...february) and worked out a little issue i had with the adding of two cheques that i deposited yesterday. heehee...shorted myself a few hundred dollars. why don't they have calculators at those bank machines? they expect us to be adding whizes?

then i got a pedicure - bubblegum pink.

then i went to winners and bought a pair of shorts for race day to wear over my bathing suit. yes, i'm planning to wear my bathing suit for the biking and running portion of the race and i'm not sure how that's going to turn out. i also got an adidas jacket that i love and most definitely don't need. but paln to wear a lot.

after that, i went to the public library to return a few books and while i was there, i realized that, "i could rent movies here for free!". i think i may have discovered a wonderful way around the $4.50 that it costs even for a an old release at rogers or blockbuster. request your movies at the library. see...i often want to rent movies that tim doesn't so they get put by the wayside until he goes away and i go and rent them. sometimes you forget what moview you wanted to see though. plus, if you've seen a movie once a long time ago and you want to see it again but don't want to pay the money, you can request it! now, you have to request knowing that you're not going to get these movies on the day that you want them or even on a weekend that my husband is away BUT at least if i'm getting them for free, maybe he'll want to watch it with me. haha. of course, i'm number 300 to have requested Bewitched (with nicole and will) and number 193 for collateral (with tom and jamie) but i don't care when i see these movies. just that i'm paying nothing for them. i'll just wait until they show up! where they get me though is in late fees. is this all too much information about requesting movies?

anyways, my plate is now full because i'm going to langley for dinner at the chaletswiss with matty. yep, just the siblings because my parents are out of town and his girlfriend is unavailable. i can't wait to eat chicken.


hannah barkster said...

bec, they are white trash. sorry to burst the bubble, but tim's right.

rachel s. said...

GO BEC!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! I'm excited to hear what the results of the triathalon will be!

sarah said...


Alyssa said...

I've been cheering you on from Edmonton... can't wait to hear all about it. You're my triathalon hero!!!