Tuesday, August 01, 2006

not just tom...

well, what a concert. first of all, it wasn't at the gorge. tim made that up in his head and convinced himself that it was true. dave obviously wasn't that clear about where it was but he definitely never said gorge. we don't know where that communication broke down but it caused some unnecessary stress on my part because i knew it took 4 - 5 hours to get there yet dave kept telling us it was only 3 hours and tim was taking dave's side. anyways...it took us 3 hours because the concert was at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA. still outside but it has partial seating and partial covering. we had lawn tickets which are at the top of the theatre but they upgraded us to level 2 seats which was awesome. unfourtunately...another cause of stress before we left...i couldn't find my camera so that was sad. no pictures of the concert.

well tom is looking old but he still has some great moves in his leather pants and sparkley jacket. i don't exactly know that many petty songs BUT the concert was really a "greatest hits" cd...i knew almost every song which was so great. my favourite part was tom playing the maracas. then out comes STEVIE NICKS! and she sang a couple songs with tom. as she leaves the stage, he says, "don't worry, stevie will be back later to sing some more with us." actually, she came back two more times, each in a different weird outfit. the last outfit had a big top hat with feathers sticking out of it. anyways, then tom starts talking about how lots of people cover his songs but the best version of the song they're about to sing was done by Eddie Vedder. "So let's bring Eddie out here to sing it." And out comes EDDIE VEDDER!!! what?!?!?!? it was the greatest concert ever. the encore was tom, stevie, and eddie singing together. oh man.

here are some pictures i could've taken if i'd had a camera. i'm pretty sure that stevie was wearing this outfit for one of her songs.


ang said...

i just love surprises, now that's entertainment

Anonymous said...

Hi Again: Yet another coincidence -- I love Stevie Nicks. And now that I've read this post, I know how to spell "amphitheatre" (at work, my dictionary is used daily). Ta, Amy.

sarah said...

free fallin' is the only song I know by tom petty
did he sing it?
e-mail me and tell me k?
love sarah