Monday, August 14, 2006

camping sans photos

yes, camping was good. we've returned safely. we took along a professional photographer since my camera is still lost. haha...we took her along for other reasons as being that she's fun. ang came along last minute too. good times for the four of us in manning. in tim style, let's recap:

we leave super late from abbotsford.

stop in chilliwack for wendys.

get to manning at 11pm.

no spots left in the main campground (with the bathrooms).

go up the road to "Hampton" and set up at a lesser campground (with outhouses eww).

get firewood and make a fire.

make smores.

sleep 4 people in a 4-person tent. it was bursting at the seams. it never got less funny everytime we were in there.

"good morning" lady wakes us up too early to get money for the site. we were very annoyed.

ang and matt make fire and eggs and bacon for breakfast.

head to the day beach at the regular campground.

hike mt. frosty. super steep.

a few hours in ang and i turn back because we've seen the views we need to see and are ready to be finished.

lay on the beach staring at people.

matt and tim return after trail running the entire way down. an hour and half for ang and i to come down...30 min for the boys to come down.

competetive bocci. tim&ang vs. matt&bec

dinner in princeton because i forgot the hamburger patties. chinese food. it was great.

sit around the fire/lay in tent with head sticking out, listening to tim stories. haha.

sleep 4 people in the 4-person tent. haha.

"good morning" lady returns but this time, tim and i are up already. still annoying but to a lesser degree.

tim and bac make fire and pancakes for breakfast.

clean up camp.

matt has an ash incident.

head to the day beach again. it's hot out.

hike around the lake is vetoed unanimously.

lay on the beach/play frisbee/throw the football/stare at people making up stories of their lives.

eat "lunch" consisting of grapes, bananas, pudding, yogurt, rootbeer, diet coke, iced tea, tostitos, salsa, ritz, trail mix, nature valley bars, and fruit leathers.

competetive bocci round two: no shirt guy and bikini girl vs. hat guy and pink tank girl. (these would be the people watching and making up stories about our lives names for us...can you guess who's who?)

head home. matt and ang sleep the entire way.

camping is over.

look for pictures of this event at a later date...or on angela's blog maybe.

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sarah said...

sounds like you had fun camping!