Sunday, August 27, 2006

some good vibrations

"Vibrations good like Sunkist
Many wanna know who done this
Marky Mark and I'm here to move you
Rhymes will groove you
And I'm here to prove to you
That we can party on the positive side
And pump positive vibes
So come along for the ride
Making you feel the rhythm is my occupation
So feel the vibration"

ahh yes, marky mark. i swear, i tried to find a picture of him in the funky bunch days with a shirt on and it doesn't exist. i played this song today loudly while i cleaned the living room. i went to see Invincible (in theatres now) starring Mark Wahlberg himself. I've been a fan since he did Rockstar. i recently saw a THS (True Hollywood Story) about him and his life and it was so interesting. they were saying that if his brother donny (of NKOTB) hadn't hooked him up with his own agent and helped him get started with the funky bunch, he'd most likely be in jail today with the path he was going. very interesting story. and seriously, who could move away from the pants-dropping underwear model white rapper persona and go onto acting in pretty decent movies? planet of the apes, rockstar, italian job, i heart huckabees, etc. AND when i was googling for pictures, i found out that between now and 2008, he's in 4 more movies coming out. it's a pretty amazing story -- how can you not love marky? tim and i went with some friends last night to see Invincible and it's a great movie. rated G so you can go with anyone and being based on a true story and about're expecting some major cheesy-ness but actually...they did it really well. a little cheesy but nice. i really liked it. good story. based in the mid 70s so mark has some sweet hair (see pic) and there are a lot of mustaches too. mark has always had some wicked forehead wrinkles but there are a couple scenes where they distracted from the dialogue. umm...not that i base my movies on the main actor's forehead wrinkles though. anyways...worth a see. even if only to see how totally ripped he still is. haha.

in more important news...i go back to school tomorrow. AUGH! i know, i know, teachers shouldn't complain about having only 7 weeks off vacation and how short it is BUT it seriously went by SO fast. too fast. as a kid, i was always ready to get back to school but man. as a teacher? a little different. once i get there tomorrow it'll be good but right now, not so much. i'm excited to meet the new part-time teacher who will be teaching gr.4/5 LA and Math. i guess the other staff must have felt like, "ohh...i hope this new girl will work into the group ok" last year when i was coming but now i'm on that side feeling like, "ohh...i hope this new guy will work into the group ok". i'm sure it'll be good. so stay tuned to new tales from the classroom.

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rachel s. said...

on the Marky Mark note...this is why you absolutely must watch "Entourage." I think it is on HBO in the States, something else in Canada, or rent it from the vid store. Mark Whalberg is an executive producer! Check it out.

PS - I'm sad I can't come home with Alyssa and visit you :-(