Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i'm a sucker for deals

so i've been "off" shopping for a little while as tim and i work on saving for cars and loans and such but today i found a white button up dress shirt in my closet that had never been worn with the WINNERS tags still on it. hmm... $19.99. i took it back. i probably bought that shirt about a year ago and today i cashed it in. i love the return policy at WINNERS. of course, they only give you a gift card which meant that i should do a little looking around when i got there. the clearance was on and having not been shopping in a good couple weeks, i was ready to hunt. having already worked out this morning and eaten a healthy, well balanced lunch, i was loving everything i tried on. shoot. i limited my purchases to four: a black and gray camo tank for working out, a long black tank with a great neckline, a diagonally navy and baby blue stiped t-shirt with a huge v-neck that is intended to wear something under it, and a long-sleeved light gray AE shirt. (that last one may be going back as it was over $10...unlike the other three at $7-$8 each!) with these wonderful purchases under my belt, i headed out to the mall with something to return at the Bay. i'd bought these journals in a crazy state of mind b/c they were only $11.99 for two (lime and black) with leathery covers but...who needs another journal? not me. (i have a blog...haha) anyways. i stand in line thinking about where i can go and spend this credit of $11.99 when the i get to the front and the lady tells me that i can't return them because it's been more than 90 days. WHAT? how annoying. well not getting my credit doesn't make the problem of a shirt to go under the huge v-neck shirt less pressing so i head on out to AE to check out the sales. there were these reversible tube tops for sale at the beginning of the summer for $34.95 (or something) that i loved and wanted but knew that was way too much to spend. then about a month ago, in a sale rack discovery, i found some of the white ones left over but it was too small and so very sad. well today there were NAVY ones! navy is in fact the perfect colour of the day so i got the tube top i'd wanted for only $9.95. gotta love it. and so ends the shopping tales of the day. dance news...BENJI WON! what a finale. ang came over and we danced to nelly furtado in all the commercials. how can you watch so you think you can dance and not want to dance yourself? tim joined us for a couple but hurt his back at the driving range today so his moves weren't as stellar as usual. nonetheless, it was a party.


Alyssa said...

I'm stuck at work tonight, and so I missed the finale, and I've been checking all the websites but NO ONE would tell me who one... Thank goodness for this blog! I'm happy with Benji... but I thought it would be Travis. Really, I loved all the final four.

sarah said...

nellly furtado (did i spell that right) rocks!