Tuesday, August 08, 2006

the final chapter: the run

the title of this post should really be called "the run" in quotations because i mostly walked.

and that's really all there is to the story. every so often i'd tell myself, "run to the next curve in the road" and i would but i was so unbelieveably tired after the bike that i wasn't ready to run. something to work on for next time. i saved up enough energy to run the last little stretch because no one wants to walk across the finish line, right? so i made it. under two hours.
getting my medal and removing my time chip
angela and i

(notice the medal never leaves my hand in any of these shots. haha)


rachel s. said...

same time next year - your NEXT triathalon?

Lavonne & Sharelle said...

We are proud of you....full time teacher, who in her spare time runs triathalons.

ang said...

I can't find the cord for my camara, the pics will be on their way as soon as I figure it out.

ang said...

hey did you watch "so you think you can dance" tonight?

ang said...

I just saw on ticketmaster that "so you think you can dance" is going on a live tour! Sept 12 in Seattle, can you say anniversary present for Tim!

sarah said...

Yeh Rebecca!
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!