Tuesday, August 22, 2006

sunshine coast, there we were

it's official. i've been converted to the coast. i want to live there. it is so gorgeous. now, for those of you who don't know the sunshine coast, it's a part of BC's mainland but you have to take a ferry to get there as there are no roads in. it's about a 40min ferry ride. when you get to the other side, it's just full of little towns who weren't swayed by the stucco revolution in the 90s and have very quaint buildings and town centres. even the starbucks in sechelt has a cool cedar look to it. we were actually in robert's creek which has a "downtown" consisting of a restaurant, coffee shop, library, and general store. the "cabin" that we stayed in(in quotations because it's really a house) is a 1 minute walk to the beach. beautiful. let me break it down in pics.

day one: friday night we arrive on the 5:30 ferry (aka arriving at 6:10) and we have dinner then walk to the beach for the sunset. here we are. (minus judy who's taking the photo)

we started building rock statues. here's tim in action.

this is my artistic attempt at a photo of both my statue plus dad and bro in background.

day two: we went on this mini-hike to find a cache (don't ask if you don't know) and took a few photos. some of them are pretty dark with shadows and such. i upped the brightness on my computer screen and that helped a little. then we headed onto a bigger hike.

katie and i are unimpressed by this display of sea-food.

we headed up the coast to skookumchuck falls where we hike for about an hour to a place where when the tide comes in, it makes these crazy waves that are apparently the thing for kayakers to attempt. there were masses of kayakers who go a little upstream, jump in the kayak, and flost towards this constant wave and then they paddle hard while trying to stay on the wave for as long as possible. it's pretty amazing to watch (that's what we're doing below) and harder to explain. worth the hike.

day three: cleaning up, reading, played a game, ate macdonald pizza out of it's natural environment then went to catch the 7pm ferry. turns out, it was a busy weekend on the coast and everyone was catching the 7pm ferry and we had to wait for the 9:15pm. we played a lot of euchre. we were pretty tired when we finally hit home.

sunshine coast is the place to be and i recommend it to all. you can come stay with us when we live there. haha.


ang said...

wow it sounds great, I'm glad you guys had one last weekend away this summer. That river wave looks like something to behold.

Anonymous said...

your pictures are great.... JM

rachel s said...

I'm enjoying the return of the pictures...sounds like you guys had a great time!