Thursday, August 10, 2006


there's an commercial for McDonald's on the radio right now (because that's all i can listen to in the old boat - i know all the commercials) talking about some new sandwich and the girl is "interviewing" people to find out why they like it. you know this commercial. well, she keeps saying "samich" but she says it so fast that i've heard this ad numerous times before i noticed it. then yesterday, i heard it and i was thinking, "did she say samich?" and then the radio dj comes on and says, "did she just say samich?". it was good to know that it wasn't just me who'd heard it. listen for it.

in other news, tim and i are going camping with matt this weekend in manning. no, we haven't made a reservation and yes, we came up with this plan tonight but i think it's going to work out well. i'm a big fan of car camping. you can take everything you need with you. for example, tim wants to take peanut butter and jam sandwiches on the hike that we'll do on saturday and suggested we make them tomorrow. i said, we can just bring the pb and j with us and make them at camp on saturday. because we can. plus the luxury of bathrooms? i just can't go without it.

sad news camera is officially lost. last time i had it was at kara's on scrapbooking day then i took to WR to upload the photos (which you saw) and now it's nowhere to be found. i'm hoping that by openly admitting that it's lost, it will now appear in the dumbest place that i should have looked in first. this is what usually happens when i lose something. it's gone forever and when i finally admit that it's lost, it reappears. maybe it'll happen again. but i guess this means no camping photos. shoot.


sarah said...

Dear Rebecca,
Hope you have fun camping!

Alyssa said...

Well camping sounds so nice... I'm working all weekend. But guess what, I write a forecast for flight route between Hope and Princton... and one of my favorite tools to use is the webcam at manning park... so I'll be watching there all weekend!

darian said...

i heard the commercial...
is it an American thing? or just the girl talking?

Bec Shulba said...

i was wondering the same thing.