Monday, August 06, 2007

an afternoon of family geocaching

location: willband creek park, abbotsford
the boys.

matt's reflective sunglasses.

we thought it might be over there...
but we couldn't find the cache here...
location 2: stony creek park, abbotsford
judy: "it's in a gnarled tree. maybe it's up there."
jamie: "i'm on it."
but instead he found lots and lots of stinging nettle...
meanwhile...judy found it in a gnarled tree that had a path to it. why didn't we see that path before jamie tried the stinging nettle bushwacking?

trying to wash away the nettles in stony creek.

sibling fighting...but matt's too strong.



therachel said...

#1: you MacDonalds/Shulbas are hard core.

#2: Great shirt, Bec!

#3: I recommend a citizen's arrest when Matt gets out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe not hard core... maybe more like "wandering around in the savannah of the east abby grassland"... but Judy found a fine new nesting spot in that tree.


Sharelle said...

the photos of macdonalds geocaching are so guys are the best. no one geocaches like you guys do. you are an inspiration to us all. haha.

and i concur with rachel on the shirt...