Friday, August 17, 2007

dinner for breakfast...?

after a very filling breakfast of waffles, fruit, and whipped cream at the kovacs' place on monday morning, i noticed that i wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. when dinner came, we ate very little because i was still full from breakfast. the same day, i read an article about different diets and there was one about having dinner for breakfast and then breakfast for dinner: the concept that if you eat your big meal in the morning, you don't need very much at night. this works because all day you're filled up and working it off instead of getting so full at night and sitting around to watch tv. SO...(can you see where this is going?) i thought i'd try it out.

so tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and today, i've eaten large breakfasts. for example, oatmeal, two pieces of toast, two eggs, and fruit. yes - as one meal. then a medium lunch, like an open-faced sandwich and some veggies. then dinner has been small, like a shake or a salad and small piece of chicken.

i'm loving it. i'm never hungry. i don't even snack. i allow myself one 100 calorie treat like 1/2 cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt or something. the problem is, how do i keep this up when school starts? i can take 20 minutes to make and eat breakfast when i get up at 9am but my usual morning routine on a school day is roll out of bed at 6:40am, shower, get dressed and out the door at 7am. i'm serious. i eat breakfast when i get to school but it's usually just a piece of toast or a bowl of oatmeal.

i bought one of those egg poachers that you put in the microwave - i thought maybe i could zap a few eggs and throw them on toast and make a sandwich type deal to eat in the car. we'll see. any tips on fast breakfasts?

from highschool even to the beginning of my first year teaching, i never ate breakfast. i didn't like bread in the morning. and now this. my, how things have changed.


Ashlee said...

breakfast is my favorite meal and i've mastered quick...go and buy sourdough english muffins, turkey bacon, eggs and swiss/cheddar proceessed cheese (whatever you prefer) - when it comes to going back to school...get in the shower, when you get out put one egg in the frying pan with one strip of bacon, go and finish getting ready (return once or twice to check and flip over bacon/egg, put muffin in toaster), put this together with some fruit (that you cut up on the weekend or the night before!, yougurt and a juice box (both can be consumed in the car) and you're on your way!

Bec Shulba said...

oh you're good ash! love it.

Laura said...

Great post, but I thought there might be a sytycd final post??

Katie Marie said...

That sounds fantastic, Bec! I hope you are enjoying the new eating regimen you are into now. I do love the whole health kick! I was able to go to the Sheraton Hotel today just down the road, to use the gym/fitness center, take two classes (body pump and ab/butt/legs workout - I thought of you!), and then I took a real shower and got a massage and wax! I love my days off! New trainees board on Monday, so we will be leaving the Island of Tahiti on Tuesday. I miss you a ton, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year! LOVE the pictures of Lynn's wedding by the way. You are all so beautiful! Adam looks very sharp in his tux (I've never met him), and I'm sure they will be very happy together!
Take care, always!