Sunday, August 19, 2007

no NASCAR...

well, for those of you who know the story of the "best wife ever", i am now the "most wasted money on a birthday present wife ever"...for those of you who don't know the story - here's a recap.

tim turned 30 this year in may. i bought him tickets to a NASCAR race in California. now...the date was a bit sketchy because it takes place on september 2 which is two days before i have to go back to school AND it's a big orientation weekend at TWU...but i booked the tickets anyways and planned on a quick roadtrip.

now that we're here at the end of august...the race is just looking too far away to roadtrip it and flights are too expensive for such a short trip. so after many tears on my part and many apologies on tim's part, we've decided not to go.

tickets are posted on ebay and if you or someone you know was wishing they could go to NASCAR, let me know and i'm sure we could give you a deal. row 9! :)


Alyssa said...

Oh man, that is so sad! You defintely still get the most points ever for buying the tickets. James says 'next weekend you and Bec can get in your cars and drive around in circles really fast for tim, it will almost be just like nascar'... oh James.

therachel said...

awww...shoot. Good effort on your part, though, Bec. This is sad. I'm sure you'll get to go to a NASCAR race somday, Tim.

Ashlee said...

irresponsible ashlee: throw caution to the wind and just book the plane for it later :)

responsible ashlee: bake him a cake :)

Laura said...

That must have been a hard decision! I still think you are the best wife for having that idea though:)

I just found out today that my sister bought us SYTYCD tickets in Everett on Nov 28:) You should come!!

Also, did you want to hang out sometime this week? What's your schedule like?