Sunday, August 12, 2007

the day to day

so the posts haven't been too typical lately - lots of pictures, not much writing. and there are only more photos to come as i get them uploaded from adam and lynn's wedding yesterday. i wore the shoes and averted the lipstick crisis with some help from some woman at shopper's drugmart. the wedding was a good time. high-class lynn. some highlights? when guy serving hor'deurves came by and tried to describe what he was serving as some kind of fancy lamb on a stick with fancy dip and tim referred to it as a meatsicle ( i LOVED the meatsicles). a girl at our table in disbelief that it was a cold buffet - "even the chicken is cold? even the potatoes are cold?". the fact that i could get diet coke as often as desired. lynn's dress. ang's dress. the line dance that tim, darian, and dallas interrupted with their crazy interpretive dancing. the pecans (? - the ones in the salad). the fact that lynn and adam are MARRIED. wow. it's about time, hey. so great. anyways...

in other news, soccer season started yesterday. we found out by the 8am from the parents on sidelines of the field behind our house screaming so loudly that we can hear it in our bedroom. with our windows closed. yesterday, i put a pillow over my head and it was okay. this morning, it was a more excitable group because nothing could block out the yelling. i moved from my bedroom to the living room and could still hear them. what? how could that be? okay - so weekends in the summer is not a big deal for me because i can sleep in on weekdays but man, once school begins i come to hate soccer.

this week has been a difficult one, trying to be productive. i've wasted a lot of time this last week and when i say that to people, they say, "it's summer vacation!" but that never makes me feel better. exactly, it's summer vacation - why am i wasting it? so next week, i have big plans to get things done. tune in here tomorrow to find out if anything happens on monday. haha.

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Katie Marie said...

The wedding sounds like it was just marvelous, Bec! I wish I could have been there too! I'm glad you all had a great time - too bad I missed Tim's dancing! I'm sure the soccer Moms and kids will simmer down once school starts. It's getting closer to that time, isn't it? Before you know it Christmas will be here, then Spring Break, then just a hop skip and a jump and summer again! YAY! I'll be home then! Have a GREAT rest of your summer!
Love, KT