Tuesday, August 28, 2007

as much as i dislike crave...

as much as i've been balking at our "new" radio station, i'm still listening to it because there's just nothing good on the radio. driving home late from work the past two nights, i've been listening to the "6 o'clock Cravings" where people email in three songs that they're craving to hear and they give reasons as to why these songs "move" them. last night the three were pretty funny random songs but tonight they were super lame always-on-the-radio songs. so it got me thinking as to what songs i'd choose. i've narrowed them down to a theme: soundtracks.

#1. in your eyes - peter gabriel, from the scene with john cusak holding up the boombox in "say anything"

#2. canned heat - jamiroquai, from the fantastic vote for pedro skit dance scene in "napolean dynamite"

#3. twist and shout - the beatles, from ferris's superb kareoke scene on the float in "ferris bueller's day off"

just so you know.

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kara said...

I hope that you've e-mailed these in... :) I would love to hear them on crave.