Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The day of EXTRA-large

Have you ever seen that episode of Corner Gas where the residents of Dog River want to create the "World's Largest..." something? If you haven't seen it, find Season 1 - it's pretty funny.

AND...we were reminded of this episode on this Sunday afternoon that we drove around Alberta looking for the World's Largest...

Pysanka Egg (Vegreville)

Sausage (Mundare)

Mallard (Andrew)

and Boot...although there were no signs declaring this the World's was just in front of a store in Edmonton and Dallas did a quick U-turn so we could get out pic with it.

then we went out for the World's Largest servings of cheesecake at the Cheescake Cafe.

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therachel said...

that day was great! Did Jerry like his sausage? The pics of the day are even funnier when they're all lined up.

You have out done yourself with the sheer amount of posting you have done today, Rebecca. Excellent work. I'm SO GLAD that you came to and Tim were fabulous house guests.