Wednesday, August 22, 2007

je n'aime pas le premiere jour d'ecole...

i survived my french workshop in voctoria. i learned some gestures. in fact, the gestures for the title would be:

thumb point to self
shake head "no"
both hands over heart
make a big x with hands
make L with fingers on right hand and put one finger above lips like a mustache with other hand
hold one finger up on right hand and hold whole left hand below finger
place one arm on top of other arm in front of you then slowly raise top arm to 90 degree angle
make a d with your left hand
motion with both hands making a large box

yes. it sounds like a lot of work. it is. and now i have to teach this to children.

bonjour tout le monde! comment ca va?

4 days left until i go back to work. sigh.

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therachel said...

you can do it... you are a fabulous teacher! It has been great to see you grow over the last 2 years as you have met the challenges of teaching - with whatever has come your way. You are a star, Mrs. Shulba!

PS - "head down, power through."