Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SYTYCD - finale part 1

5 hours of so you think you can dance this week??? my life is revolving around it!

well, here we are at the end of the season. it seems as though it has gone by much too quickly. man, this is a great show. great great great.

for some reason, tonight was a bit of a disappointment though. when i think about each dance individually, i think they were great but i guess last week's show was just HUGE. this week was...good.

too bad dan was judging. he's not great.

i thought that wade robson's fox routine for lacey and sabre was fantastic. i couldn't believe the judges' reactions! even when they replayed clips of it at the re-cap, i thought there was good dancing in it. it was creative and different. boo on the judges.

wasn't it silly for nigel to say that "for the show - it should be a girl who wins this year"? why would you say that?

as for predictions? umm...i really really want sabre to win. i don't want lacey to win but i'm glad she made it this far. i guess it would be okay for danny but not for neil. if neil wins it, it's because the 12 year old girls have gone crazy.

go sabre!


Laura said...

I love Neil, he's so cute and i'm not 12:)However, I want Sabre to win. Megs called about 100 times (no exaggeration) from Chelan for sabre. She voted on behalf of all of us. We hope she wins!

Josh Thiessen said...

I love Neil too, and I'm not even a girl (I'm also 22). I think it would be grand if Neil won. Further, I happen to like Dan as a judge, and I've really missed him the past several weeks....where has he been?

As far as the "Fox" routine, I couldn't agree with you more - I thought it was absolutely smashing. I'd be alright with Sabre winning based purely on her Fox impression.

becshulba said...

josh thiessen? please comment more! i love it when the husbands are commenting!

judymacd said...

"I squeal for Neil" (did you see those posters? i loved him too..) but I wanted sabre to win.. she really deserved it the most! yah sabre!!

Cousin Sarah said...

hey rebecca, it's Sarah! Sabra is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Neil is cool too. He makes me laugh!
I thought the fox thing was okay,I liked Neil and danny's duet better.