Wednesday, August 01, 2007


we headed to Banff for the day and set up camp here overnight before we went on to Edmonton. it was a hot, sunny day which made taking photos a little tough but we enjoyed it.

we made a little drive to Moraine Lake...near Lake Louise...hiked a mini-hike and stood with the other hoardes of tourists trying to take photos. it was embarressing to be with them but spectacular view of the lake. Moraine Lake is the most photographed lake in Canada (maybe the world? i can't remember)
then we shopped up and down the main street of Banff. it was under construction but the sidewalks were open (and packed). i found a pair of reef-look-alike flipflops that were Teva in a store here and was pretty excited! we bought some candy at a candy store. we went to the public library for awhile to stay out of the heat and read magazines. and we just walked and walked.
finally, we went looking for a campsite and after four days of phenomenonal private, beautiful campsites along the trail, we were pretty disappointed with this one...but we made due. we set up our litte 2-man tent among with RVs, cooked up some kraft dinner and then escaped the mosquitoes by going for a drive.

the fairmont hotel -- i realized that i'd never seen it up close before as i took a few drive-by photos. HUGE. and regal.
and then we went back to our little tent and went to bed.

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