Monday, August 13, 2007

bonjour, tout le monde. (wave, circle with hand)

ahh, french.

i have a two day workshop coming up next week in victoria and liz and i have been working out the details of her coming with me and me staying with her parents for the 2 days. i was saying to tim tonight about how i'm a little nervous going to a workshop without knowing anyone because you do a lot of partnering and lunch-eating and when you're alone...this is lame. especially for someone as co-dependent as myself.

well tonight when looking for more detailed info to tell liz about times and such, i was on the AIM website where i saw some photos that make me WAAAAY more nervous about this workshop. the photos include costumes and acting and performing. and that means it'll be in french. but i still don't know much french! oh man.

i guess i'll be spending some hours with the dvds tomorrow.

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