Wednesday, August 01, 2007

synchyshyns: hosts extrordinaire

after many days of camping and hour after hour of driving, we were pretty keen to get to rachel and dallas' place. when we got there, we found some fun things in our guestroom and in the bathroom and of course, diet coke in the fridge. haha. if you're ever going to edmonton, i'd recommend staying at the synchyshyn's. rach cooked us meals and gave us treats. dallas bbq-ed it up and showed tim what his new mazda 3 could do. they drove us around sightseeing and took us to fun places. they let us pick the movie even though they'd seen it before and they gamed it up like professional gamers. we had a fantastic time in edmonton with them and we are looking forward to returning in november!

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therachel said...

ohhhhh stop.