Friday, May 26, 2006

bored on a friday

okay, so it's friday night and tim's gone out for a dinner with an old buddy and i'm home alone. and i know my dad would say that it's good to have some alone time but that doesn't make me stop thinking how great it would be to have an abbotsford friend. sigh. okay, okay...enough pity partying. what i do think is that sometimes it would be nice to hang out with someone for a couple hours and then go home. when we do all this driving to WR or those of you wonderful people who do the driving to Abby, obviously we want to get the most of the hang out time by spending many consecutive hours together. which is great. but what about on a tuesday night at 7pm? no one (myself included) wants to drive 45 min, right? i don't think anyone can take offense to me wanting an abbotsford friend.

however, i do not have an abbotsford friend tonight so i've been looking at blogs and have stumbled across this site called . maybe some of you already know it. i found it from my cousin rachel's friend's site and it's the greatest place ever. it's kind of like an ebay but with all things homemade. here are just a couple of my great finds of the night. finds that make tim happy that i don't have a credit card.

i wish i had a button maker.

this is pretty.

screenprint postcards. i love these.

this is an 8x10 photo and i love this seller's site.

check it out -- see the link in my sidebar.

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raquel said...

Okay so I just wanted you to know that I understand the having no friends in your town issue. I too have many friends that are a little bit of a distance away. How great is the internet though, not only can you blog and comment on blogs... but it is a great "friend" no driving necessary.

ps i appriciate the comments on my space... Not that I am a great blogger like you, but I do feel it is important for anyone who wants to know what 10 things I hate most are. Thanks for using some of your units of time to take a look!