Thursday, May 25, 2006

deep thoughts from sharelle

Since i have not posted in a couple days for lack of anything to say...i am choosing to quote sharelle here in one of her lastest deep thoughts. yes...this is really how she blogs. this should be in a quote book somewhere...(or maybe it is...?)

"Our past will always be a part of us. Now, this does not mean we should live in the past, but we should be aware that it informs how we act today. There is beauty in watching people grow, but there is also beauty is seeing where they came from. Perhaps the most fun is noticing the little kernels of themselves that will always betray exactly who they are." --sharelle d

beautiful. although note: i am quoting her even though she never gives credit for the photos she steals from my blog and puts on hers.'s happened more than once. haha.

in other non-deep news, i have a sunburned nose. from today's track meet. i dressed for rain because it was pouring when i left abbotsford however, it cleared up here and there throughout the morning giving us a little sun. the track meet was just grade 5 - 7 so i went for the morning while our TA subbed my class and then i went back at lunch. it was so fun. it wasn't until returning and was giving my 3-4s an extra long gym class playing capture the flag and red rover outside that i remembered that i hadn't put on any SPF15 moisturizer that morning. hence the horribly red nose. shoot. but i have to say...i played an awesome game of capture the flag today.


Sharelle said...

i cannot even believe that i was quoted. thank you for flattering me bec. from now on, i will give you the credit that is due you for the pho-tos. sound good?

Sharelle said...

oh and p.s. - i finally worked out tonight. i thought of you and just ladies, and those first stories about the lack of understanding. that sure was me tonight.