Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dance competition results...

yes, you missed it. my dance competition was tonight at abbey arts centre. it was so great to have my whole family there to see it. thanks for coming guys. i have never worn so much make-up in my entire life total. pictures to come. as for dance details?

imagine it's you: music was cued wrong to start so you walk on and then had to walk off again. that throws you a little off. then the dance begins and all of a sudden it hits you that you're dancing in front of an audience and your throat goes totally dry. like you're in a desert. but the dancing is going okay. THEN halfway through the dance you run off stage to grab your chairs (because there's a part where you use chairs) -- (i know you can't believe you missed this event) and you run out and your chair's not there!!! panic! what to do? what to do? then another girl grabs it from behind another curtain for you and you barely miss a beat...except the chair was turned the wrong way so when you go to open it, you can't get it open. but it gets worked out. now you're totally and completely thrown. you have a very serious look on your face as you concentrate but keep remembering you're supposed to be smiling. pop in the occasional big smile. serious look. smile. serious look. smile. it's coming to an end...big finish...strike pose one: oops, wrong arm. strike pose two: great. and done. run off stage and keep yourself from bursting into tears because you could have done it better but who cares because you're adults.

did you feel it? those were all my feelings as i danced. it was quite the traumatic event for me. mostly because of the make-up. haha. the missing chair totally sucked but matt says i recovered quickly. ;) the good thing? out of six adult groups? we came in first!!! craziness. i have a gold medal and first place ribbon to prove it.

i bet you can't wait for these pictures to surface hey? check this coming sunday night's post.


ang said...

wow! I'm so proud of you! It's so cool that you did that! Makes for good stories, I'm hoping for a repeat performance when I get home!

Katie said...

Great Job Rebecca! You were amazing! Smile was great (when you did it) and the chair thing worked out beautifully! You are a natural performer! I'm so glad I got to see you dance! I'm looking forward to the next one! Good luck!